June 12 - Rainy Day

Rain rain go away….

I know it takes rain to keep things green, but we have had enough today. It started raining last night and has rained all day. I guess we needed a day of rest. We hung around the house most of the day catching up on emails and surfing the web. We went out for a few hours this afternoon to drive around and look at a few shops in Kilauea. Not enough shops to keep us busy for long. Hopefully this weather will change tomorrow and we can get back outside. We can see a lot more waterfalls in the mountains above Hanalei today.

Even with all the rain we still got to go to the beach and enjoy the sunset. Maybe tomorrow will bring more sun.

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labsnabys said...

We will be there in three days! Hopefully the rain won't last for long and you can get back to the beach tomorrow!