June 18 - Long Trip Home

Our trip home was long…very long. It was a tour of U.S. airports! We started in Kauai at 8:30 PM Tuesday night (1:30 AM Houston time). The flight into L.A. wasn’t too bad, but this is where our cross country tour began. We had to fly to Chicago to get to Houston…sounds crazy to me…but we had no choice. We arrived in L.A. at 5:00 AM (7:00 AM Houston time). Our flight to Chicago left on time and we arrived at noon, at least we were back in the same time zone. We were scheduled to leave at 1:00 PM, but the pilot was over an hour late arriving at the airport….needless to say we were even later getting to Houston. We finally arrived in Texas at 5:15 PM…by the time we got our luggage and car we had been traveling for more than sixteen hours and we still had a two hour drive home.

Our vacation was wonderful and very relaxing, but getting home was so tiring we felt like we needed another vacation!

Lihue Airport (Kauai)
Los Angeles International AirportO'Hare International Airport (Chicago)Bush International Airport (Houston)...home sweet home.


momma labomma said...

Loved your blog. And the music. I tried to figure out a way to save the music to my Itunes list, but didn't succeed.

(Only thought I'd use this site to respond to the blog my daughter has about her house, thus the wierd signature)

momma labomma said...

Otherwise known at slabeaume on the Kauai forum.