June 14 - Queen's Bath

Today was another beautiful day. We started our day by going to a craft show and farmer's market held in town. Then we went to Queen’s Bath, which is a large lava pool. There was quiet a crowd there so we walked further north to some other pools that we had to ourselves...much better. We then walked south of the main path and found some other nice pools. We watched a few turtles playing off shore, but I couldn't get a good picture. We spent a few hours playing in the pools here and then went to find Secret Beach. The hike down to this beach is very steep. The beach was nice, but not one of our favorites. Not worth the hike down. The waves were large here. We found some more lava pools that were nice, but we liked the first area better. We did find some neat shells. I found quite a few small sunset shells (I think that is what they are called)…I was excited. They were little, but pretty. We walked down to Hanalei Bay for another pretty sunset.

A pool at Queen's BathAnother pool at Queen's BathView from Queen's BathWaterfall on the way down to Queen's BathView of Kilauea Lighthouse from Secret BeachLava pools at Secret Beach

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