June 13 - Snorkeling

The sun was back today….and we explored two beaches. First we went back to Puu Poa to snorkel. The water wasn't very clear and we couldn’t find a lot of fish, so we decided to check out Anini beach. This beach is a wonderful place to spend time. There is plenty of room for people to picnic and camp, plenty of shade and crystal clear water. We snorkel until we got too cold to stay in any longer. We saw a lot of different fish and enjoyed ourselves, but we haven’t found anywhere in Kauai that compares to the fish we have seen in Maui or Cozumel. It was like swimming in an aquarium in those places.

Anini Beach (looking south) Anini Beach (looking north) A few fish at Anini Beach
Visitor at Anini BeachWe went back to Happy Talk Lounge at Hanalei Bay Resort to listen to music and have dinner with a view. We enjoyed both. The north shore of Kauai has to be the most beautiful place on earth…at least in my opinion. Heaven on earth.

View at Happy Talk Lounge View at Princeville Golf course
Another boring sunset!

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